Specific rules must be followed for each type of burning in order to keep life and property safe.

Spokane County Fire District 10 covers approximately 90 square miles of the West Plains outside the City of Spokane.  Due to our rural setting ANY outdoor burning can pose a threat. This page is dedicated to providing you with current burn notifications and information you can use to make wise decisions before you burn outdoors.

Ultimately, it is the land owner’s responsibility to ensure that rules and regulations are followed, so please do your due diligence. If you are unsure which burning restrictions are in force or have other questions related to open burning, please call (800) 323-BURN or call Fire District 10 @ (509) 244-2425 during normal business hours.

For information on recreational fires click here. Remember to make sure its permitted before lighting!

One link we strongly recommend is Spokane Clean Air or Spokane Clean Air wood heating information. Spokane Clean Air is also an enforcement agency here in Spokane County.

Fire Danger is Low today.


  • Check for restrictions before burning ANYTHING!

  • When burning, make sure you are using an approved container or pit.

  • Always have a water or extinguisher source close by.

  • Never leave a fire unattended!

  • Obtain proper permits before burning.