Volunteers, Support Service, Reserves and Residents are… the backbone of what we do and who we are. Without the participation and the high level of dedication by these members, the services provided by Fire District 10 would be considerably different. Our ability to gain, maintain and train new volunteers is a direct measurement of our ability to perform the essential functions of the District.

  • Volunteer Firefighter & First Responders provide traditional fire service response within our organization; they respond from home or work as needed and when available. Volunteers live within the boundaries of Fire District 10 and can participate at many different levels. Traditional volunteers are not required to work shifts but are encouraged to participate at the highest level possible to keep their skills sharp to maintain and increase their ability to fight fire and perform EMS functions effectively.
  • Support Service members give strength to our ranks through support of operational tasks as well as community outreach. Support Service members are involved in filling air bottles on scene and during training. Support service members also perform apparatus truck checks as well as providing rehabilitation services for firefighters and EMS personnel. Support service projects offer many different ways to provide community and district support.
  • Reserve members are traditional volunteer firefighters who happen to live outside the boundaries of Fire District 10. They perform firefighter duties including incident response, training, facility maintenance, and community outreach while on shift. Reserve members come to Fire District 10 for many reasons such as gaining skills needed to seek full time employment as a firefighter.
  • Resident members are those who choose to live and serve at the various stations within District 10. Currently we offer this opportunity to those who desire to immerse themselves into the fire profession while in school and/or pursuing a career. In return, they are asked to work shifts to cover nights, weekends and holidays. The service they provide is driven by professionalism and the desire to serve community while being given the privilege to live within the fire house. Some look at the program as a great way to get their housing needs met while in school while others view it as an apprenticeship of sorts serving as an important stepping stone on their career path.
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