Let us help you reach your career goals…

The fire industry is constantly changing and those who recognize change as an opportunity will succeed beyond those who fight to stay the same. At District 10 we embrace change and our culture consists of professionalism regardless of rank, status or paycheck.

We are committed to… 

    • The safety of our community & responders.
    • Having the highest level of skills and training.
    • Excellent communication throughout the organization.
    • A results driven and goal oriented work ethic.
    • Building quality relationships and collaborative efforts with our community.

Experience is what you bring to the table. This includes work history, education, and skill set. To work in a Fire Department as diverse as Fire District 10, we want and need candidates with a variety of skills, training, and work history as well as standard certifications. Consider Fire District 10 as a partner in your professional growth and please check our hiring status often for future opportunities.

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Current Hiring Status: Closed